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“Hi guys! We’re Stella and Safari, and we’re African crested porcupines that live at Wild Florida! We’re best friends and have been at Wild Florida for four years. One of our good friends is Tortellini, an African spurred tortoise that lives with us. We hope to meet you in person one day, and don’t worry; we don’t poke you with our quills!”

About Stella and Safari

Stella and Safari can be found sleeping most of the time as they are nocturnal. They are amazing animals that help our guests overcome the fear and misconceptions associated with porcupines. We are continually surprised by how cuddly and playful they are when interacting with the trainers.

Age: Stella is five years old and Safari is four years old
Unique characteristic: Stella is more calm and relaxed while Safari is more inquisitive and playful
Favorite enrichment toys: Cardboard boxes to shred
Favorite snack: Peanuts

African Crested Porcupine Conservation

Conservation Status: Least concern