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Orlando's Only Airboat & Gator Park Adventure OPEN TODAY: 9AM-6PM TEMPERATURE: 83 °F
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senior and church groups

senior group tours - Wild Florida
senior group tours - Wild Florida

Interacting with more than 200 animals or adventuring out on airboat tours into the Headwaters of the Florida Everglades makes for a fun group outing at Wild Florida!

Not only can you experience a throwback to how Florida used to be, but it will cost you less! When a group of 12 or more books an airboat tour or buys tickets to enter our Gator Park, we give them 20% off their experience!

Feel free to bring a picnic to Wild Florida or taste a piece of swamp cuisine and let us do the cooking! Our classically-trained chef can whip up something special to tame that hunger your group will work up while experiencing nature at our place.

Our air-conditioned Cypress Ballroom can accommodate up to 220 guests and our Gator Pavilion, a 1,500-square-foot covered deck area on the shores of Lake Cypress, can serve as the perfect setting to host your group while experiencing the real, wild side of Florida.

Whether you decide to explore the 200 animals in our Gator Park or ride an airboat, you can rest easy knowing that your group will be experiencing one of the prettiest spots in the Sunshine State.

Whether educating or entertaining, our special event staff can work with the specific needs of your church or senior group.