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“Hiya! My name is Nala, and I’m the official Florida panther ambassador for Wild Florida. While I enjoy taking a few cat naps throughout the day, I spend most of the day playing with the Wild Florida family or swimming in my very own pool. You should see how high I can jump when I’m trying to catch my favorite enrichment toys. Hope to see you soon!”

About Nala

Nala joined the Wild Florida family when she was four-months-old in August 2017 from an Association of Zoos and Aquariums (AZA) accredited facility in Texas which prides itself on its dedication to the preservation of big cats and other endangered animals. Nala’s mother couldn’t provide for her, so we had to raise her by hand.  Before Nala moved in, our team built a custom exhibit featuring a water pool and elevated platforms among native foliage for Nala to have the most comfortable and natural home.

Now that she’s fully grown, our trainers work with Nala every day in daily enrichment activities that keep her physically and mentally active. Along with keeping Nala mentally stimulated, these activities mimic natural behaviors she’d perform in the wild.

Age: One year
Unique characteristic: She has a white patch of fur on her left shoulder
Favorite enrichment toys:  Stuffed animals to shred and plastic balls
Favorite snack: Raw chicken breast

Florida Panther Conservation

Conservation Status: Critically Endangered

Everyone who visits Wild Florida has the opportunity to help save the endangered Florida panther. After each airboat ride, our guests can participate in a hands-on gator show where they learn more about the American alligator. During the show, guests can even hold and take a photo with one of our friendly live gators. Since the American alligator no longer needs human intervention to survive, Wild Florida has committed to donate a percentage of our alligator picture proceeds to The Friends of the Florida Panther Refuge (FFPR).

We are excited to partner with The Friends of the Florida Panther Refuge and support their efforts to protect and conserve this amazing animal. FFPR is the official support organization working hand in hand with Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission (FWC) to create and promote a better understanding and appreciation of the Florida panther. Their mission is to be an active advocate and supporter of this endangered species. Wild Florida is proud to help support and improve the status of the approximately 100 Florida panthers remaining in the wild today. By purchasing alligator pictures, you are giving back and helping bring the Florida panther out of endangerment. Please join with us in saving our beautiful Florida panthers.