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“Hello! My name is Luke, and I’m one of the ring-tailed lemurs here at Wild Florida. I’m eight years old and am actually the father to some of the other ring-tailed lemurs you’ll see in our exhibit. I love spending time with my family, but another activity I enjoy is painting. Make sure to check out my artwork at the gift shop when you visit! Hope to see you soon!”

About Luke

Luke is one of our calmest and well behaved lemurs here. He can often be found sitting in a yoga-like position sunning himself. He is such a pleasure to work with and one of our favorite family members.

Age:  Eight years old
Unique characteristic:  Luke has a prominent (but cute) “dad bod,” and the fur on top of his head is a darker gray than the other male ring-tailed lemurs
Favorite enrichment toys: Hide-and-seek with craisins inside a child’s toy shape box
Favorite snack: Craisins and berries

Ring-tailed Lemur Conservation

Conservation status: Endangered

Through our ring-tailed lemur encounter we are teaching future generations about this fun-loving species. We strive to teach guests how to care for the wildlife and environment around them to help protect animals like Luke in the future. When you are close enough to care, you are close enough to act.