Group Tours

What’s better than a visit to the Middle of Nowhere to see native wildlife on an airboat, 200 animals in our Gator and Wildlife Park, and riding the range on one of the oldest cattle operations in Florida? Doing it all for a discount!

When you get a group of friends together for a visit to Wild Florida, you pay our group tours rate of at least 20 percent less!

Take a ride on our U.S. Coast Guard certified airboats and see alligators, eagles, turkeys, and other animals who call the Everglades’ Headwaters home.

Stroll through our Gator and Wildlife Park and see our lemurs, sloths, zebras, watusis, and other exotic animals. Our gator pond is home to more than 75 alligators, some of which are larger than 13 feet!

Enjoy the tranquility that our boardwalk offers above Hawk Swamp. #ProTip: Keep your eyes peeled for the owls and hawks who hang out among dozens of cypress trees.

You can bring in your own picnic baskets or savor some of the best barbecue around from the Chomp House Grill. Our classically-trained chef, Chef Ramon, serves up everything from all-beef burgers and crispy fries to complete sou