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Orlando's Only Airboat & Gator Park Adventure OPEN TODAY: 9AM-6PM TEMPERATURE: 83 °F
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“Hello! My name is Crusher, and I’m actually the biggest alligator here at Wild Florida and in Osceola County! I’ve lived at Wild Florida seven years and actually have my own exhibit you can visit. It’s pretty hot in Florida, so I spend most of my days keeping cool in my pool, but I’d love to have lunch with you sometime!”

About Crusher

Crusher was a rescue alligator brought to us from a Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission (FWC) licensed trapper in the SNAP program. If we hadn’t bought Crusher and found him a home at Wild Florida then he would have been euthanized according to Florida state law. Crusher is a very special and unique gator. He has become highly trained and shows strong intelligence. Being able to work with him is an honor!

Age: Over 65 years old
Unique characteristic: Over 13 feet long and in his own exhibit
Favorite enrichment toys: Pumpkins and watermelons
Favorite snack: Chicken

American Alligator Conservation

Conservation Status: Least concern