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Ranch Buggy Tour - Wild Florida

Ranch Buggy Tour Cattle - Wild Florida

You’ve likely heard of swamp buggy tours, but have you ever heard of ranch buggy tours? We didn’t think so. Take a step back in time and ride the range of a cattle operation dating back more than one hundred years. No need to be a pro on a saddle, we’ve got a first class Ranch Buggy to show you the Doc Partin Ranch, where it all began.

The Doc Partin Ranch, one of the oldest cattle operations in the state, is the perfect place to learn about the important role pioneer ranching families played in making the Sunshine State tenth in the nation in beef cattle production. You’ll get to see cattle, including American Brahman, one of the first beef cattle breeds developed in America from cattle breeds imported from India. Keep your eyes peeled for wild turkeys, wild hogs, deer, eagles, and other wildlife that call the Doc Partin Ranch home. You may even spot an alligator in one of the waterways running through the ranch!

You’ll pass many ranches on your way into Wild Florida, but only on our Ranch Buggy Tour will you get an up close and personal visit to the animals that roam this ranch.

Book your Ranch Buggy Tour online, or please call (866) 532-7167 for more information.