Wild Florida’s Gator Park gives visitors the opportunity to watch, touch and even feed some of Florida’s native land-dwelling animals, as well as various species of tropical birds.

The Gator Park is also home to several beautiful exotic species including Zebras, Watusi, Water Buffalo, Emu and Zebu.

Enjoy natural Florida on our 500 foot sightseeing dock that overlooks the swamp as you make your way down to the boats.

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Exciting hands-on live alligator demonstration after every airboat tour. Including the opportunity to get your picture taken
while holding an alligator.

The tortoise exhibit is great for everyone and one of the first things you will see at Wild Florida.

Don’t miss the beautiful tropical birds in the bird aviary.

Our brand new gator platform gives you the chance to feed our monster gators.

White tail deer are a native animal to Florida. Come and feed our amazing family of deer.


Watusi’s are impressive African cattle with oversized horns. Zebras also come from Africa and have beautiful stripes.
Don’t pass up the opportunity to feed these exotic animals.

We have Water Buffalo, Emus, and Zebus as well, which round off our amazing Gator Park. You cannot afford to miss out on this one!


Surely you didn’t think that was all we have to offer. We have an incredible swamp walk which bears the name “Hawk Swamp”!