We have all seen it advertised but what exactly is an Eco Tour? Ecotourism is tourism involving travel to an area of natural or ecological interest (like the Central Florida Everglades), typically under the guidance of a naturalist (our knowledgeable airboat captains), for the purpose of observing wildlife and learning about the environment.

Here at Wild Florida, our Eco Tour takes you through the Everglades, which is part of the largest wetlands found in North America.

Marshes and swamps are very important ecosystems that should be well taken care of. Thousands of birds, fish, mammals, and reptiles use these wetlands as breeding and nursery areas for their young. It also helps to prevent flooding by soaking up huge amounts of excess water from rainfall. Nicknamed “nature’s kidneys,” swamps help filter the water that passes through them. For this reason, swamps are very important to Florida’s water supply.

In the past, people took swamps for granted and considered them useless. This resulted in projects by the government and individuals to drain or divert our wetlands water flow. Today, we know how important these swamps are to Florida’s well-being and massive efforts are underway to restore, preserve and protect our Everglades.

Wild Florida Airboats pledges to make its own contribution to the development and furthering of Everglades education and preservation. We actively encourage participation in our airboat eco tours by all residents and visitors of our State. Wild Florida allows guests to experience an untouched, natural wetland ecosystem and view one of the few remaining undeveloped regions of the Everglades. Conserving our beautiful wetlands is imperative and the responsibility of all. We at Wild Florida accept this challenge and pledge to help our guests understand the importance of preserving our wonderfully unique earth.

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