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Why Vacationers Choose Wild Florida Over Other Orlando Attractions

When visiting Orlando, it’s a given that you’ll probably stop by one of many theme parks that populate the city. However, with natural attractions like air boat tours, Florida has much more to offer than your typical theme park attractions. So why do so many visitors opt for natural attractions like Wild Florida?

One of the best ways to get a first-hand experience of the beautiful nature of Florida is to take one of Wild Florida’s air boat tours. Florida air boat rides give you a unique perspective of the Florida Everglades, allowing you to view all the birds and animals that make their home these swamps and wetlands. If you’re visiting Florida and have never seen an alligator, you better keep your eyes peeled! When taking an air boat ride, you can expect to see alligators in their natural habitat, an awesome experience for everyone!

The air boat experience in itself is also a treat. Air boats are flat bottomed vessels that are used to navigate marshes, swamps and even can be driven on land. They are powered by a large propeller and are maneuvered by experienced air boat captains. Riding in an air boat gives you the unique experience of gliding through the swamps and feeling the wind in your hair!

Sometimes it’s best to get away from the hustle and bustle of Orlando and the typical theme park experience, which is why many choose the unique natural attraction of Wild Florida. To learn more about what Wild Florida has to offer or to book air boat rides in Florida, book a tour online or call us at 866-532-7167.

Florida Wildlife Officials Designate Four More License-Free Fishing Days

Though you can’t fish at our Wild Florida’s air boat tours, Florida wildlife officials are designating four additional license-free fishing days across the state! Florida has already offered residents four license-free fishing days a year, and with the additional four, Florida residents and visitors have a total of eight days a year to enjoy fishing without a license.

The purpose of offering these days is to introduce and encourage more people to the sport of fishing. Earlier in the year, the FWC had saltwater fishing June 1st and September 1st, with freshwater fishing days occurring on April 6th and June 8th.

FWC commissioners agreed to hold additional saltwater license-free fishing October 12th and November 30th. Freshwater license-free fishing days will be November 29th and December 28th. Next year these days will fall on the same day of the week each year so you can plan your fishing trips in advance. Get your fishing poles ready for the remaining license-free fishing days this year!

The FWC sells annual saltwater and freshwater fishing licenses to residents for $17 each or $32.50 for a combination of the two. Non-residents pay $47 for each annual license, but three-day and seven-day licenses sell for less

If there is anything that we love more than air boat tours in Florida, it’s our wildlife. To learn more about what Wild Florida has to offer or to book air boat tours in Florida, book a tour online or call us at 866-532-7167.

Wild Florida Announces the Addition of Two Macaws

August 27, 2013 – Kenansville, Florida – Wild Florida (, an airboat tour and alligator exhibit attraction, is pleased to announce the addition of two Green Winged Macaws to their Wildlife Park exhibit.

The Green-winged Macaw, also known as the Red-and-Green Macaw, comes from South America and is a great addition to the wildlife park at Wild Florida. The Green-winged Macaw is second only in size to the Hyacinth Macaw, the largest bird in the Macaw family. Their wingspan can reach up to 49 inches and they have a total body length of about 35-37 inches. The two healthy adults can weigh between 2.5-3.5 pounds. Each Macaw has unique red lines around the eyes that are formed by rows of tiny feathers.

“We are very excited to add these two beautiful Macaws to our wildlife park.” states Sam Haught, co-found of Wild Florida. “We want to give our visitors a glance at the beautiful nature of Florida, and we are happy that we can continue to introduce new wildlife to our park to give our visitors a unique experience.”

To see the Macaws and other wildlife that Wild Florida has to offer, you can purchase a Wildlife Park ticket for $18 for adults and $15 for Children. If you want to experience all that Wild Florida has to offer, book a half hour or hour long airboat tour and you can explore the Wildlife Park for free. Learn more information about the park online at: To watch a video of the gator rescue, visit:

About Wild Florida Airboats – Orlando’s Only Airboat & Wildlife Park Experience

When it comes to airboat eco tours, there is simply no comparison to Wild Florida. Just a short drive from the Orlando and Disney area, we offer beautiful day tours, relaxing sunset tours and exciting night tours that guests of all ages will love.  Travel deep into the protected swamps, marshes and rivers that make up the Central Florida Everglades.  Get an in depth look at the gators, birds, eagles, trees and plants that can be found in our beautiful wetlands.  This is Natural Florida at its best!  We guarantee you won’t see any development, homes, or signs of human life. Come see for yourself how good it feels to be in the middle of nowhere.

After the tour explore our amazing wildlife park full of zebras, watusi, deer, water buffalo, emu, wild boar and monster alligators.  Visit the tropical bird aviary, hands-on alligator demonstrations, gift shop, 500 ft. sightseeing dock and nature trails. Don’t forget to try our delicious barbecue with smoked ribs, chicken, pulled pork, fried alligator and even frog legs!  Wild Florida is properly insured with a fleet of US Coast Guard approved boats and captains.  Groups of all sizes or individuals are welcome. Day or night, we are prepared to offer an experience you will never forget.

Top 5 Reasons Why Florida Air Boat Rides Are the Best of Orlando

Wild Florida airboat rides have been a staple in the Orlando area as a fun, exciting attraction that is fun for the entire family.  We love what we do here, and we are also passionate about the wildlife that inhabits the area we tour with our visitors.  We have a variety of activities here than can complete an educational and exciting visit to learn more about the natural, untapped environment of Wild Florida.


Here are the top five reasons why we think our Florida airboat rides are one of the best attractions in Orlando.


Our air boat rides are unlike any other.  As Orlando’s exclusive Everglades airboat rides and tours, we take you on our a tour of undiscovered Florida via the headwaters of the Everglades.  With this tour, you will truly see a full tour of undeveloped Florida.

We have other attractions.  In addition to our Florida air boat rides, we also offer a one-of-kind wildlife park that houses some of the most exotic animals that are indigenous to Florida.  We also have interactive areas that will allow for you to interact with some of the animals we have at our wildlife park.

Wild Florida is a true half-day attraction. By offering a wildlife park, air boat rides, an authentic BBQ restaurant and a unique gift shop, Wild Florida has everything to keep you and your family busy for entire half-day.

Great for Groups & Corporate Events. Wild Florida caters to large groups, parties and corporate events that will promise your next event or field trip to be one that your guests will be talking about for years to come.

One-on-One time with alligators.  Not only will you see alligators out in their natural habitat during our air boat tours, you will be able to hold and take a picture with one of our gators close-up after the tour is over.  You can bring a photo home that people will be sure to be interested in.

Don’t hesitate and make a reservation for one of our Florida airboat rides today.


Governer Rick Scott Commits to Fixing Water Flow in Everglades With New Bridge

Here are at Wild Florida, we definitely put a lot of work and passion into offering the best air boat rides in Florida, but we also have a lot of passion about preserving what’s great about Florida: the wildlife and the Everglades.  Recently, scientists have identified the need to reduce water flow in order to repair the damaged eco-system that over seven million Floridians depend on for water.  The Tamiami Trail bridge currently restricts water flow from Lake Okeechobee to the Everglades.

A total of $90 million over the next three years will be allocated to the Department of Transportation to build a new bridge.  The project will deconstruct a section of the berm that Tamiami Trail road is currently built on, and replace with the new bridge so that water can restore flow.  The re-routed water will help to restore and repair the Caloosahatchee and St. Lucie Estuaries who have been suffering.

According the Miami Herald blog, The Everglades Foundation CEO, Eric Eikenberg, said in a statement that Scott “stands out as an environmental leader” with this announcement and the $880 million Water Quality Plan which they said are “two of the most difficult and contentious issues in the protection and restoration of America’s Everglades.”

“This $90 million investment will be a huge step forward in our efforts to restore water quality throughout South Florida,” Scott said in a statement. “Every drop of water that we can send South and keep out of the Caloosahatchee and St. Lucie Estuaries is a win for Florida families. My message to families being impacted is that we will not give up on you. We are putting forward strategies each and every day to address the water quality issues that are impacting families in our state.”

Wild Florida supports any effort to help preserve the Everglades.  We will continue to provide the best air boat rides in Florida throughout the headwaters of the Everglades.  We also feature several other attractions to keep you and your family busy throughout the day.  Learn more about booking air boat rides in Florida by visiting


Orlando Tourism Hits Record High For Third Year in a Row

Orlando has several different tourism attractions for those who travel extensive distances.  You can go to Disney World, or if you’re not interested in waiting in long lines and dealing with crowds, visit Wild Florida for airboat rides fl and a wildlife experience.  There are plenty of other attractions to experience in Central Florida as well.

Orlando accepted 57 million people in 2012, thus setting a third consecutive year high.  The breakdown is as follows: 52.9 million United States visitors and an estimated 4.1 million international travelers.  This is a 3.3% increase compared to 2011.  These numbers were higher than anticipated for 2012, according to Visit Orlando.

This announcement was made at this year’s International Pow Wow, a tourism-based annual tradeshow and convention, often used for large announcements by those in the travel industry.  The event took place in Last Vegas and is said to return to Orlando in 2015.  There are several new attractions in Orlando to keep the interest of tour operators and trade representatives, including the new Downtown Disney and new retailers at the Outlets on International Drive.

Wild Florida is proud to be part of the expansive list of attractions located in or near Orlando, FL.  If you’re interested in discovering undeveloped Florida, contact Wild Florida today to book an airboat ride.  We also have other attractions to keep you busy all day such as an authetic Southern BBQ restaurant, Wildlife Park and a unique gift shop.


History of the air boat

Air boat rides in Florida is one of the most popular ecotourism attractions in the state. However, not many of us know many facts about air boats, such as how long they have been around, other practical uses like rescue, military and research.

Air boats are mainly used in shallow swampy type environments where typical outboard engines would be impractical. People use them for hunting, fishing, surveying etc. anytime you need to get to a location that another type of boat cannot reach.

The first air boat was made in 1905 in Nova Scotia Canada named the Ugly Duckling. An associate of the designer registered the first air boat in Florida in 1920. By the thirties homemade air boats began to show up in Florida. One local air boat company claims to have been giving air boat rides as an attraction since 1930. Through the years the design has changed frequently, the driver used to sit really high, to protect him from debris, now since the edition of the cage the safety level of air boats have drastically improved. The flat bottom look of the air boat coincides with the fact that there are no operating parts below the water line, which allows the air boat to ride in extremely shallow water or even dry land.

Recently, air boats have increased in popularity for public safety measures. During Hurricane Katrina air boats rescued over 3,000 patients from area hospitals in record time. Air boats have been used in Vietnam, border security in Iraq, and used by US Special Forces. Local governments also use air boats for ecological data and research.

So the next time you feel like air boat rides in Florida, check out Wild Florida on the shore of Cypress Lake for a great experience on one of the most unique watercraft available.

Recovering Wildlife Preserve in India Gives Hope of Recovery From Disasters

Recently in India, a once deserted and disregarded wildlife preserve has begun to show signs of improvement and recovery. The signs of recovery have been documented via cameras placed in various locations in the area to record the efforts. Among the various evidence that the area is recovering, the most interesting discovery are the new species in the reserve that have yet to be named by Zoological Survey of India.

The Zoological Survey of India was established in 1916 with the organization’s main point of emphasis being to study all of the various species of animals from the depths of the oceans all the way up to the highest peaks of mountains. The new species of animals that have been discovered are a crab eating mongoose, a yellow-throated marten, a Himalayan serow and hoary-bellied squirrel.

These discoveries go on to prove that the Earth is still more than capable of recovering itself from disasters. Animals and nature are both still proving their natural abilities to adapt to situations and environments which in turn allow their species to live on for many generations.

In Florida, there are many wildlife preserves that are very similar to the recovering area in India. Wild Florida offers air boat rides in Florida where you can see similar protected swamps and preserves with animals. The list of animal’s and different species in the area range from gators, birds, eagles, and more with a large variety of plants and trees as well. Be sure to book our air boat rides in Florida and learn more about our wildlife preserve by calling us  at 407-901-2563.

Fast Facts about Florida and Its Inhabitants

Thinking about taking a vacation to Florida this summer? Perhaps you’ve only really heard about Disney World or the nearly 700 miles of beaches that the Sunshine State is known for. Florida has an abundance of natural sites and activities that can be enjoyed by everyone, but not everyone is aware of some lesser-known facts about the Sunshine State and its inhabitants. Did you know…?

  • Alligators are found throughout Florida, generally where there is freshwater or slow moving rivers. They can also be found in brackish water, and play an important role in the ecology of Florida’s wetlands.

  • The Florida Everglades are the only place in the world where alligators and crocodile co-exist

  • Florida is home to the largest breeding population of bald eagles in the lower 48 states.

  • Florida was first seen by the Spanish explorer Ponce de Leon on Palm Sunday on April 2, 1513 – he then named the “Pascua de Florida,” meaning “Feast of Flowers” and claimed it for Spain.

  • Florida has more than 450 species of birds. Of these, about 175 breed in the state and the rest are migratory, spending their winter months here.

  • Florida was known as the “Lightning Capital of the World” until a study by NASA revealed that Rwanda, Africa had nearly 2 and ½ times more lightning strikes.

  • The Apalachicola River Basin in Florida has the highest species diversity of reptiles and amphibians in the U.S. and Canada, with more than 40 species of amphibians and 80 species of reptiles.

  • Today’s Everglades National Park is less than 50% of what existed before the drainage efforts in the 1800s and 1900s.

  • Even though they live in the water, manatees are more closely related to elephants and hyraxes than sea lions and whales.

  • Black bears are the only species of bear found in Florida, and it is estimated that there are between 2,500 and 3,000 black bears in the state.

Come take one of our Orlando air boat tours at Wild Florida to catch a glimpse of the native Florida animals that call our swamp home. Embrace the natural beauty and splendor of Florida’s wildlife with an airboat ride on our 4,200 acre nature preserve. Call 407-957-3135 to book your Orlando air boat tour!

How Man-Made Wetlands Help Everglades Restoration

The Everglades have been known to suffer degradation over the years, but according to researchers, man-made wetlands are becoming more important in promoting the growth of wetland plants thanks to their ability to sequester carbon dioxide for long periods of time. Research has shown that two 15-year-old constructed marshes accumulated soil carbon at an average rate of 2150 pounds per acre, or just over one ton of carbon per acre per year.

Protecting and restoring rich forests, flood plains and wetlands throughout the Everglades and other areas is critical to reduce carbon emissions and protect against the effects of climate change. Nature effectively sequesters and stores carbon, helping to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Researchers and land managers shouldn’t underestimate the potential of man-made wetlands.

The United States alone has lost half of its wetlands, and any carbon sinks found should be worth protecting. Not only are wetlands perfect for animals and for habitat, but they also clean up water, protect against floods, and now they are important at storing carbon. Their restoration shows a promising technique for reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

Our Orlando air boat rides at Wild Florida help promote the conservation of wildlife and the Everglades, while providing our guests with a unique and exciting eco-tour. Call Wild Florida today at 407-901-2563 to book one of our Orlando air boat rides and experience natural Florida firsthand.

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