Sam Haught

You’ve undoubtedly been on a vacation.

You may have experienced a staycation.

But have you ever done a daycation?

What’s a daycation, and why is it a trend likely to stay in travel? We went looking for answers and found seven.

Wild Florida

What could be better than barbecue?

When the barbecue is prepared by a classically-trained chef and you can enjoy it on a covered deck on the shores of Lake Cypress. Yes, that is better than just plain ol' BBQ.

You know Wild Florida for the 200 animals in our Wildlife Park or the airboat rides on Lake Cypress, but you might not know about the great barbecue being cooked up in our Chomp House Grill.

Wild Florida

Everyone at Wild Florida airboats cares about the black bears here and we are happy to report that as part of its efforts to assist local law enforcement agencies participating in its black bear training program, The Humane Society of the United States has donated 24 black bear hazing kits to the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission. These kits will help teams learn how to effectively haze bears that may have entered residential areas looking for food or just exploring the neighborhood. These materials are being delivered free of cost to support non-lethal methods of keeping bears away from human contact.

Wild Florida

Are you planning a party for a large group this season? Keep everyone entertained by hiring a professional gator handler from Wild Florida airboat tours! We love introducing people to the world of Orlando alligators, snakes, and other critters that roam the Florida Everglades and can send a professional gator handler to your next event to provide a hands-on experience like no other!

Wild Florida

Wild boars are medium-sized animals and a close relative of the domestic pig. They are native to Africa, Europe, and Asia, but you will find them in the Florida wild or at a zoo. The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission reports that the wild boar (also known as the wild pig or wild hog) can be found in all of Florida’s 67 counties in a variety of habitats, something you will probably see on your Florida airboat ride. Some tend to flock to pine flat woods and freshwater marshes, while others settle in to palm hammocks and sloughs around the region. The wild boar usually travels alone or in a small group and feeds on all types of animals and plants.

Wild Florida

On a Florida airboat tour, you will see a ton of Florida wildlife, but have you ever wondered what exactly hides in the water and weeds in Florida’s fresh water? Unless you’ve had a chance to explore the Florida waters on a snorkeling expedition, it’s unlikely that you’ve been able to see the vast array of underwater species and the secret world of fish, alligators and turtles. A University of Florida graduate student, who has been working on a camera to peer through the dark waters, discovered a variety of bass, alligators, turtles, and gar in their private moments.

Wild Florida

The kids are going to be home from school for Spring Break in about a week and you haven’t the vaguest idea of what to do for fun without breaking the bank.

How about a Spring Break on the wild side?

You can get an airboat ride on Lake Cypress and a visit to a Nature Park with more than 200 animals for less than $20 per child.

What's even better? Wild Florida offers a 20 percent discount for groups of 12 where admission for adults is $21.25 and kids is $18.40 for a half-hour airboat ride and visit to our nature park. That means, gather up a few of your friends and their kids and you are all set for this group discount.

We can already hear the kids practicing their rendition of the Dad or Mom is Great song.

If that wasn’t enough to get you off the couch to plan your Spring Break at Wild Florida, we’ve come up with 7 great things you can only do at Wild Florida.

  • Want to see, feed or hold a wild alligator? We’ve got 4 places where you can do that. And, nothing says spring break like a #selfie with a wild alligator.
  • And, speaking of selfie, your friends can’t top a #SlothSelfie with our sloths Guy and Ana, who can really strike a pose.
  • Have a birthday party on the wild side. Admission to our Nature Park, lunch and a hands-on alligator demonstration for only $12 per child and $15 per adult.

Ready for a wild time? Get in touch with our party planner.

Wild Florida

Alligators are a mainstay of the Florida landscape and we love our Orlando alligators here at Wild Florida. You may come across a few alligators on our airboat tour through the Florida Everglades or may catch them roaming free in just about all marshy and swamp terrain around the Sunshine State. We’ve seen alligators making appearances in the news with local stories of alligator sightings on roadways, in parks, and other public areas. But not all alligator reports and stories are based on fact.

Wild Florida

Book yourself a Wild Florida experience and you can look forward to seeing a variety of native animals up close. Our Orlando airboat tours are a great way to experience the wilderness from a fresh perspective and will give you a chance to trek through a nature preserve that’s home to a number of animals and plants that make up the Florida Everglades ecosystem. From alligators to soft-shell turtles, be prepared for some animal encounters like no other!

Wild Florida

A reptile that is native to the United States and China, alligators often receive a bad rap for attacking humans and being violent. But did you know that alligators can actually be very nurturing? Unlike many other reptiles, female alligators can actually be very good mothers. Wild Florida is happy to nominate our Mom of the Year to our Orlando alligators.