Whether it’s your first Orlando airboat ride or your tenth, there is always something exciting to experience in our swamp. Our wilderness is a unique Central Florida attraction, shying away from the concrete jungle of Orlando by providing visitors with an eco-tour like no other. Our captains know firsthand where the gators like to hang out, and we give our guests every opportunity to potentially encounter part of our gator family and our wildlife that calls Wild Florida home.

Among the wildlife you can encounter, you have a chance to see an abundance of birds ranging from herons to bald eagles! Our Orlando airboat rides are a great opportunity to bird watch while enjoying the pristine wilderness of the Central Florida Everglades. Every airboat ride gives you access to our wildlife park, home to exotic animals like zebras, watusi and emus as well as tropical birds and tortoises. Our wildlife park also offers a swamp walk through the lush swamp environment where you get to take a stroll through our wetlands and see firsthand what the Everglades environment is really like.

You can also participate in a hands-on alligator demonstration where you get to hold and take a photo with a gator! A portion of proceeds from these photos also goes towards saving the Florida Panther, one of the most endangered mammals on earth.

Check out Wild Florida and take a tour on one of our Orlando airboat rides to experience a development-free airboat tour through our swamp. Not only is this a great alternative to Central Florida tourism, but it’s an opportunity to appreciate Florida’s unique natural habitat. Explore our different tours here and embark on your next adventure today!